Teach English in ChAngping XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit featured a number of teaching themes that can be applied to various situations and contexts. Firstly, case studies can introduce students to new language structures and vocabulary, as well as provide a chance to revise. Some thought should be given to whether authentic or inauthentic materials will be used, and how the case studies will be used in the classroom. Secondly, frameworking can be applied to business English teaching because various tenses can be used to describe a process of development from past to future. Thirdly, problem-based learning provides students with a problem to solve and puts the teacher in the role of facilitator. Fourthly, games (defined as a fun activity with rules and a purpose) can be adapted for classroom use, but the teaching point should always be considered first. Next, computer aided language learning can provide business learners (who are likely to be computer literate) with authentic Internet-based materials and research topic opportunities, which could be combined with a presentation to employ listening and speaking skills. The speech act theory divides utterances into various levels of complexity, and can be applied to business for questioning, negotiating and making offers. The unit finally offered a number of lesson plans to show how these themes could be put into practice.