Teach English in ChAngming XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Unit 16, Conditionals and reported speech, provides an overview on how to teach these two aspects of English grammar to students. Conditionals are sentences containing 'If' or 'When' or similar expressions which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the 'If clause' (condition that has to be satisfied before the action or state in the main clause can be realised) and the 'Main clause' (expressing the consequence). The Unit describes the five main conditionals, problems that may arise for students to distinguish between the different conditionals, and teaching ideas. Furthermore, we learn about the distinction between direct speech and reported speech. Direct speech is actual speech ('I am feeling great today') whilst reported speech is indirect speech ('Ken says he is feeling great today'). In addition, well structured information is provided as to how the switch from direct to indirect speech affects verb tenses, pronouns, and time expressions. I really appreciated the way the information is presented in this unit. It helped me to distinguish more easily between the different conditionals. Likewise, studying 'backshifting' from direct to reported speech helped me to become more conscious of the complexity of the changes involved, to appreciate the teaching ideas, and to put them to good use.