Teach English in Binqiao XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Learning and behavior theories are 4 1) Maturation theory 2)Environmental theory 3)Constructivist 4)Cognitive developmentalists L1 is native language and L2 is second language. L1 is natural process of learning (language spoken by parents). L2 is conscious learning and natural ability for learning an L2. The methodology used for age 5-9 is Engage and Practice. The methodology used for age 9-13 is ESA (Engage, Study, activate). Arrangements to promote class interaction are: Orderly rows, circular, semi-circular and group tables. Teacher can act in the classroom as: 1)Instructor 2)Facilitator 3)Mentor 4)Psychiologist 5)Cunsoler 6)Policeman A classroom for 5-9 years old should be very active, activities to be variable and in short duration, teacher's instructions should be kept in minimum, include physical activity, games and role plays, repetition of language. A classroom for 9-13 years old should be less active than for 5-9 years old, activities to be longer, teacher instruction to be longer, less physical activity, more abstract concepts, more memorization tasks. Language acquisition vs Language learning Children acquire the language to communicate their needs and desires and they are unwarn of grammatical rules. Language learning is not communicative, but it is the result of direct instruction in the rules of language.