Teach English in BeijiAng XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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In this Unit I have learnt about Parts Of Speech,and some interesting parts of English I wasn't aware of before. As a teacher I teach a lot about verb forms, nouns, tenses, prepositions, adjectives and conjunctions presented in this unit, but I was never aware of before is the usage of the word \"the\". I never knew it was a 'definite article, I always though it just pointed to a singular thing, however it actually points to one unique thing or place, meaning there is only one of it. I can now clearly explain that to my students. Another interesting thing I have learnt is how a sentence is structured. I notice that students sometimes place words in the wrong order when sentencing, for example when they describe a thing/person: \"A small, old, blue, plastic bottle.\" They would say \"A blue, plastic, small, old bottle.\" They would not understand the structure when describing, so, now I can help teach them the proper structure which is size-age-colour-material-noun. Lastly, something I ALWAYS forgot about is the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs. With this unit and the way it has been explained I can finally put my doubts to rest. I clearly understand that a transitive verb is followed DIRECTLY by a noun, and an intransitive verb isn't, as the subject doesn't do anything to anybody, like 'sleep to someone'.