Teach English in BApen XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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In this unit, a wide overview of the main elements that concern teachers and student characteristics and categories has been presented. Elements that can encourage a better and more effective learning experience if taken under consideration at the proper time and situation. From teacher personality factors to students' cultural background, age group and english proficiency level, the relationship between teacher and students also takes place in this equation, giving many different approaches that a teacher can take advantage from in a mixed and balanced way, according to his readings of the specific needs, advantages and deficits of his class group and individuals in a given time. Even though, in my case, these presented elements are mostly already acknowledged through my teaching experience, it's been useful to have them pinpointed and rationally organized and structured. This can help in the process of applying this knowledge to a better balanced and more efficient course planification. In this context, the role of the teacher as stated in different categories helps me to become more aware of its different nuances and ways of applying it. In the video, information about what seems to be more relevant according to different studies also provides a new angle on how these elements play a role in a better learning experience.