Teach English in Banli XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Unit 20 is on Troubleshooting: Common Problem Situations that a teacher may encounter, and suggestions for dealing with them. First Lessons covers the vital first class where the teacher needs to establish rapport and find out the students' needs and aspirations with English. Warmers covers the need for short, fun, communicative activities to get students motivated for learning English when they first arrive in class. Different levels covers the problem of teaching a group of students of varying levels, and offers a number of ways to deal with this. Large Classes covers a number of techniques that can be employed to create successful classes when dealing with larger numbers of students in one class. Use of Native Language discusses students using their native tongue, and techniques that can be used so that students will practice and improve their English language skills. Reluctant Students covers ways of encouraging students to speak. Difficulties with Listening Texts emphasises the importance of working with students to help improve their listening skills. With its emphasis on potential problem situations, this unit is a personal reminder to be prepared for a number of different situations that are likely to be met with in the ESOL classroom, and to be alert and responsive to working through further situations as they arise.