Teach English in Bangun XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit focuses on how to choose a course book, how to use it and how to supplement or replace some parts of a course unit with additional materials. These materials can be authentic ones or created ones. The unit also provides a short overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book and the appropriateness of using authentic materials, which are not graded for different levels. Personally, I think it is better to use a textbook as a guideline, especially if you are an unexperienced teacher. In the beginning of my teaching career, I tried teaching 6-12 year-old children without the \"safety\" of a course book and it was really exhausting. I printed a lot of material at home, so I had to spend a lot of money. I also spent many hours on the internet almost every day looking for ideas for my classes. At the present I am a teacher assistant in a public school and I am using the recommended course book, which I supplement with my own materials. It has been a good experience so far, and I`m happy I don`t have to spend so much time and money on preparing my classes. Nowadays there is a great variety of textbooks, which include new and relevant topics, interesting ideas and methodology. Using a topic-based syllabus as a framework provides a natural stimulus for language learning in a realistic context, as well.