Teach English in Bahe XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Unit 8 presents the most complicated set of tenses yet, the ones describing the future. Unlike fairly straightforward past and present tenses, made up of simple, continuous and perfect forms, the future actions, intentions and predictions can be expressed in a multitude of ways. This chapter focused on seven most commonly used forms and tenses, including \"be going to + infinitive\"structure and two present tenses, frequently used in reference to the future: present simple and present continuous. An area that complicated and riddled with potential mistakes requires an excellent understanding by the teacher, and a very good planning to allow for both, memorising the forms by the students, and acquiring a deep understanding of the purpose of each structure. In order to not overload the students with too many different tenses, feeding confusion, I would split the workload up into lessons focused on two tenses at a time, allowing for comparison and noticing main differences, while giving the group a manageable, bite-sized portions of grammatical knowledge. The straight arrow or patchwork style lessons seem to be the most suitable structures while tackling this material, with patchwork style allowing to return to study segment when the activate phase highlights some mistakes or difficulties the students may have with the subject.