Teach English in Aidian Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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I was able to relate to many of the methodologies from my own experiences in school, and I think this will give me an advantage in being able to engage and receive feedback from my students. When I was learning German in high school, the class was very much centered on a Grammar - translation style, in which my teacher presented for 80% of the class on grammar and the remaining time was devoted to worksheets. This experience helps me appreciate the method of engagement that this course is aiming to develop. It almost seems like a given that students should be speaking the language they are trying to learn and be engaged with interesting material, but it is good to hear that this methodology works well. It also seems more fun to teach! The overarching lesson that I have learned from this unit is the structure itself. Not having a teaching background, this is a solid framework on which I can develop a more robust and interesting lesson plan. Further, this unit shows there there is a variety of ways that one can present each section of the lesson. However, my largest concern upon seeing the different example activities, is knowing which to apply to my unknown audience. It makes me nervous to think that I will have to plan an engaging lesson plan without knowing who I will be teaching to, but that is a challenge for the future.