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Problems for Learners in PakistanEnglish is the official language of Pakistan while Urdu is the national language. Punjabi is the most commonly spoken language and other significant languages include Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki and Balochi. English is mostly spoken by educated people. English, as mentioned earlier, is Pakistan?s official language. All government documents, military communications, the legal system, street signs, shop signs and business contracts are done in English. Pakistan boasts a large English language press and media. All of Pakistan?s major newspapers are published in or have an edition in English, while Dawn is a major English Language News Channel. The type of English taught and preferred is British English. However, with the heavy influence of American culture, American English is rising in demand. Approximately 50 percent of people in Pakistan have a basic understanding of English and as such, is a subject taught in the Pakistani educational system. There are basically three kinds of schools in the country ? private schools that cater to the upper class; the government schools who serve the middle or classes of the general population and the Madrassah, the religious school. Problems with Teaching English in Pakistan The English language enjoys great popularity in Pakistan and a lot of Pakistanis will invest in learning English. Their fluency is a mark of prestige. However, in spite of all their interest, there are a number of problems in teaching and learning English. Qualified Teachers Key to teaching good English lies in whether it is taught as a language or as a subject, and in most schools it is taught as a subject. The dilemma in Pakistan is that most schools do not have qualified teachers who are specifically trained for English language teaching. Testing Systems In Pakistan that students? failure ratio in the subject of English is much more than it is in any other subject in University exams. Even those who achieve high grades in English in these examinations cannot speak or write it well. The main purpose for learning the language is to gain entrance to the University. The examination systems give advantage to those who have a good memory and can cram the material irrespective of being understood. Classroom Conditions Big classroom is a major problem in Pakistani schooling system. It is normal to find more than 100 students in English classes. The classrooms are scarcely furnished, poorly ventilated in summer and improperly heated in winter. Often three students have to share a desk meant for two. Course Books The textbook plays a significant role unlike developed countries where education is not merely imparted through books. A shortage of textbooks is pervasive through Pakistan. In addition the Pakistani student?s textbooks are mostly produced by the government, are badly written and badly produced, and are known to be inaccurate. Teaching Materials There are few audio visual materials in government schools and colleges, and other visual aids are rare. Only few private schools or institutions in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Islamabad have such teaching aids. In Pakistan, most of the schools and colleges have very poor library facilities, and the number of books in English or on the teaching of English is almost negligible. students are not encouraged to go to libraries. In villages, the conditions are worse. The blackboard and the few pieces of chalk is the only teaching aid provided to teachers, let alone well-equipped libraries and/or audio and visual materials. Lack of Motivation Motivation for studying English peaks in the final year of secondary school when students channel their energies into studying for university entrance. Once students gain entrance to a university, motivation to continue learning English is sometimes diminished. In contrast to this, however, is an increasing desire of adults to again resume the learning of the language. This often takes place in the many private foreign language schools. Influence of other Languages English is a second or even third language for most Pakistanis. Despite Pakistan?s colonial background, the prevalent media, and worldwide English demand, Pakistani?s grow up in a predominantly Urdu environment. This is true for the vast majority of households in major cities of Pakistan. As such there are many challenges to teaching, and learning English in Pakistan.