Teach English in Liangping Qu [← Liangping Xian] - Chongqing

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The Role of the TeacherThe teacher in the class plays a very important role. The teacher determines if the students learn the correct material and gain what they are supposed to out of the class. The teacher can make the students excited about the new material and that will motivate the students to achieve their goals. How the teacher explain the new material will also determine if the students will understand the new language. There are 9 roles that a teacher will have during a typical lesson. It is important for a teacher to understand these roles and to implement them. The teacher can be a manager or a controller. The teacher will be a controller when he/she takes charge of the class and of the activity. During this role the teacher will be in front of the class explaining or reading to the students. The teacher will be the manager in the class and control the students. It is important that the teacher do not over play this role otherwise the student will never get the chance to practice the language. A very important role for a teacher is to be an organizer. The teacher must constantly organize the students into groups for various activities. The teacher must make sure that the students and the teacher?s work are organized to avoid chaos in the class. The teacher should also act as an assessor in the class. It is important for the student to give feedback to the students so that they can improve on their mistakes. The teacher should evaluate and grade the students? work. Some students are sensitive to bad feedback so the teacher should make sure that he/she is sensitive to the students? reactions. Prompter is also an important role of the teacher. The teacher will help the students when they struggle with their work, but he/she will still give some space for the student to think about the answers. It is important for the teacher to encourage the students to speak English in the class. Sometimes the teacher can also act as a participant in the class. The teacher will participate in the class and take part in the activities. It is important for the teacher not to dominate the activity and to focus on the students. The teacher can also become more personal with the students and act as a tutor. Here the students get individual attention and help from the teacher. The teacher should be careful not to give too much attention to specific students. An important role for a teacher is the role of a resource or facilitator. Sometimes it is important for the teacher to withdraw from an activity and to give the student the chance to figure it out themselves. Here the teacher should be available as a resource in case the students need help or guidance. It is important for the teacher to leave the students to complete their worksheets or activity without any interruptions. The teacher can also act as model for the students. It is important for the teacher to use the right grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in the class to make sure that the students learn the correct language skills. Many students want to benefit from the speech model that the teacher offers. The teacher will also have to act as an observer or monitor in the class. The teacher needs to observe the students to determine if they are improving and developing their English skills. Observing is also important to determine what the level of the class is. All the above roles of the teacher are very important. The type of activity will determine what role the teacher should act as. It is important for the teacher to balance the roles and to see each as equal important.