Teach English in Jiugongmiao Jiedao - Chongqing

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Englsih as a Global LanguageEnglish is known as a worldwide means of communication, though accents of it are different. Originally, British colonizers took English to the four corners of the globe. The first permanent English-speaking colony was established in North America in the 1600s. The Americans invented new words and soon developed a form of English that was different in a number of ways from British English. Noah Webster, called the Father of American Education, officiated these differences in his book ?The American Spelling Book? (1786) and later in his now-famous ?An American Dictionary of the English Language? (1828). There are many benefits for the individual who has a good understanding of the English language. Being fluent in this language can empower a person and open up many doors to enrich his/her life and potentially his/ her nation. Learning English can help you with international ideas and trends and can open your mind to new and better ways of living and doing things. Some major areas of society where English is needed or required are areas such as: 1. Business and commerce. For example, many businesses have a growing opportunity to take their business online also and in order to serve a global market English is indeed a requirement for that to happen successfully. The internet has become such a huge part of the world as we know it with social networking, shopping online, and many business transactions able to be done online. People rely on this source of media as an integral part of their life. With more and more trade between nations, a global language is a necessity. 2. Most books and media are published in English. In order to grow in your understanding of topics such as relationship to others, betterment of govt., economy etc it is in your best interest to know English in order to take advantage of what is already available in these resources. 3. English is the most widely learned language in the world. It is the 3rd most natively spoken language in the world behind Mandarin and Spanish. 4. Modern English is the dominant language required for international language and communication, science, medicine, IT, business, aviation, entertainment, radio, and diplomacy. On a more personal note, the English language has the most printed material about moral, ethical and virtuous ideas for the betterment for relationships, family life and for mankind in general in any culture. Knowing and understanding these values can only have a positive impact in the whole person and their community. Where does one learn English then if they don?t know it but wish to learn? Joining an English class is a great environment to learn this language. Teaching English to students of other languages empowers them to go into different fields (like those mentioned above). It helps them to be able to be more involved in their society with things like the internet, reading English books, watching English movies etc. To know English really does open up their world. Being involved in an English class can also mean that like-minded students can learn together and practice together and this can offer great support. Although many may think they know English they don?t speak it or practice it regularly enough to improve, so being in a class is helpful. An English class can be the means that a student uses to learn this global language of English that will only serve them in positive ways and potentially open up new doors in their life.