Teach English in JingguAn Zhen - Chongqing

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Role of the teacherTeaching in my opinion is a very difficult profession but a very rewarding one. As parents, I think we are all teachers on some level and have a certain amount of ability in us to teach. For one to be a successful teacher though, he or she must not only be knowledgeable about the subject being taught in the classroom but also needs to be passionate about teaching. There are so many factors both on the teacher?s and the student?s part that play a major role in the success of teaching and learning. A teacher takes over for the parents in a way, as the children spend a big portion of their day with the teacher five days a week. For that reason alone, a teacher clearly has a major influence on the students, especially at a young age. Teachers need to work with the input from parents and students when and where appropriate when assessing and evaluating student progress based on their professional assessment. Teaching esl students specifically, only adds to the already difficult profession. For students entering a classroom to learn English as their second language could be intimidating, especially for adults. The adults already face a multitude of challenges in their everyday lives and these challenges often become magnified in a classroom setting because of their limited vocabularies. I believe the teacher?s approach and style of teaching should change according to the age of the students but the role of the teacher will stay the same. The teacher is there to teach and share his or her knowledge of the given subject, in this case English as a second language. The teacher?s most important role is to try to create a comfortable learning environment to enhance the student?s learning success and to make their learning experience a pleasant one. students must be fully immersed in the English language and the teacher?s role is to assist in the immersion by providing students with a classroom environment that has a great variety of visually and mentally stimulating materials as we all know how important these can be in the learning process. Some individuals are more visual learners than others but a fun classroom simply lightens things up and puts all students more at ease. After making sure students are as comfortable as possible with their classroom environment, as well as the teacher and their fellow students, the teaching and learning of a subject can begin. Some of the most important roles for the teacher I feel are as follows: ? Providing opportunities for students to work with peers on an ongoing basis ? Providing a clearly articulated lesson plan (outline) for the course ? Providing students with meaningful learning activities related to the subject matter being taught ? Providing opportunities for face-to-face as well as one-on-one feedback should the student identify the need for it ? Providing useful feedback in class as needed ? Modifying and adapting activities to meet class and individual needs ? Providing learning activities that not only address a variety of learning styles and rates but are tailored to the interests and likes of the students and have plenty of it ? Providing plenty of opportunity for students to represent their work in various forms ? And as an esl teacher, it is important to acknowledge and nurture pride in each student?s ethnic and cultural backgrounds and to incorporate their personal interests and hobbies into the lessons as much as possible as I feel it helps the teacher to keep students engaged and happier. As long as the teacher does the best they can, always keeping in mind the needs of the students?, stay consistent and fair with all students throughout the course with always having clear instructions, the students should have a fun and successful learning experience. It is very important to have a pleasant and approachable personality and attitude towards the students at all times. I have always been very passionate about teaching and I am very excited and confident to begin my teaching career upon receiving my certificate.