Teach English in HuxiJiedao - Chongqing

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I have gained a lot of knowledge of english grammatical terms and awareness that will surely help me as I pursue my english major. Throughout this process I've been made aware of many different teaching methods and ideas that would help me if I succeed in securing a TEFL job somewhere. If I'm going to teach, I want to do it right and with my new knowledge I feel I can experiment and grow as a teacher as I learn with my students. I believe that only with experience can I be the kind of teacher I want to be, but this course has given me a working foundation to do this. It was so interesting to read about all these ideas in teaching a foreign language because I've been studying french for five years, and I can see a lot of parallels with all the teachers I've had throughout this pursuit of mine. All this has added to my understanding of how I've been taught during my life, as well as inspired me to do my best to become the kind of teacher I can be proud of being.