Teach English in Huolu Zhen - Chongqing

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During this course, I gained a lot of valuable insight. The biggest gain would have to be the Engage/Study/Activate structure of a class. While teaching in private academies, I had used this structure unwittingly due to the fact that that was how the book was structured. When I changed jobs and started working at a high school earlier this year, I did not know what to do because there was no book. I had the idea, but I didn?t know how to build the lesson. Learning about the Engage/Study/Activate structure was a godsend and gave me the structure I needed to build interesting lessons for my students. Having a BA in Linguistics, I was already quite familiar with the structure and pronunciation of english, but it was good to refresh and there is still plenty for me to take and adapt to the class. There were many ideas for games and activities and even some that I think high school students will enjoy. I also took in a lot about how to deal with troublesome students, which I get a lot of in high school. At the end of the lessons, I learned how to deal with classes where the students are of varying levels. This is just what I need for my classes since english classes are made up of students of varying levels of english. Before I would just meet them in the middle, but now I will try to work in worksheets of varying difficulty into the lesson. The difficult worksheet for the higher-leveled students, and the easy worksheet for the lowered-level students. I enjoyed learning from you and getting your feedback and I thank you for this invaluable knowledge to take with into the classroom