Teach English in Fuxing Zhen - Chongqing

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I have personally gained an understanding of the role of an ESL teacher and what it takes to be a good teacher to non-native english speakers. Teaching is a very challenging profession. The students can be very demanding and the pressure to serve them well can be nerve wracking at times. I will use a lot of the units from this course as a resource to look back on when I'm reevaluating ideas for the classroom. When I need a refresher on a certain area, the PDFs will be very handy. There are a lot of good websites and books that are described in the units, along with different strategies for teaching ESL that are important. I really struggled with this course, but I feel like I really learned a lot. I will take a lot of the information with me and use it in the classroom. I feel more confident with teaching now that I have been through this certification course.