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Why Complete a TEFL To pack one?s bags and move to another country is not for the weak at heart. One has to be fully prepared to embrace another?s country and culture. For those with a brave heart they will find this as another adventure on the road in life. Due to the rise in globalization and people wanting to learn the English language teachers or non-teachers are getting equipped with the right tools. Otherwise an unprepared teacher or non-teacher will feel lost, confused and wanting to give up. To avoid the pains of such an experience people seek certification in the form of a TEFL, TESL, and tesol. The popularity of the tefl certification has gives rise to the question of why people seek this certification. TEFL, TESL, tesol and CELTA certifications at a glance: Information from the British Council TEFL: ?(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) refers to a particular methodology for teaching people whose first language is not English, but who need to learn it for work or choose to learn for leisure.? (British Council) tesol: ?(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is often used to mean the same thing as TEFL, but it is also used to describe English language teaching to people living in an English speaking country who are not native english speakers ? such as refugees and first generation immigrants.? (British Council) TESL: ?TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) is different again. English is spoken as a common second language in the context of official communication and administration in many countries where several other language groups co-exist ? such as Nigeria, Kenya, India and Singapore.? (British Council) People choose to teach in a foreign country for many different reasons. A few of the reasons I have heard are personal, did a study aboard and want to continue the experience, hated their previous jobs, downsized in their fields, reconnect to their parent?s homeland , retired from work and wanting to experience the world. For those that are non-teachers that do not come with a teaching degree, English degree or state certification in teaching. They feel they need more than speaking the language to actually teach it to students. The people I have spoken with completed or in the process of completing a tefl certification course, such as myself. The information in the tefl certification course covers a wide variety of topics. They include such topics as grammar, theories of teaching, lesson planning and parts of speech. Although, English speakers may be familiar with the information or some of this information they can still find it challenging. I have spoken with a few people and the responses to teaching grammar have been they were never truly taught grammar in all its context or they simply have forgotten. Being a native speaker of English one may know how to correctly write a sentence, but putting it into context to a non-native speaker can be tricky. One cannot give an answer of ?that is the way it is?, but will have to explain oneself when teaching. Those that choose to complete a TEFL certificate will find themselves being prepared to tackle on a new career as a native English teacher. In my experience in completing the course, I have cover information that I haven?t seen in years. It seemed challenging at a first glance, but after a lot of reading I was able to put the knowledge into context of what I know. The information has been great for me to take to the classroom as I can properly teach the students. I was able to effectively understand and complete a lesson plan. Also, I was able to provide the students with an effect lesson that aimed at reinforcing the information that was covered in class. Completing a tefl certification course gives one the skills they need to fully be prepared to enter the classroom. An inexperience teacher or a teacher not familiar with ESL will be able to understand the needs of their students. The tefl course covers a wide variety of information to ensure you are equipped with the correct tools. Also, courses offer guides to other reading materials that can assist you in the learning process. Those completing the course that I have spoken with have been rewarded with knowing it has been helpful in their journey in teaching English. They are not confused or lost when asked questions on topics relating to ESL. References: TEFL or TESL Acronyms explained and explored. Retrieved March 29. 2012, http://www.britishcouncil.org/teacherrecruitment-tefl-qualifications-tefl-or-tesol.htm