Teach English in DaxiZhen - Chongqing

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I signed up for this course after I decided that I wanted to expand my understanding of english whilst I am teaching english in korea. I have no formal education training in english, but I have always thought that I was good at explaining things and helping other people learn in a fun an active way. I believe that I have a very strong command of spoken and written english. After I was agreed to teach english in Korea for a second year, I began the course. I thought that it was going to be very easy to do this course, because at my school we had to teach grammar and tenses. I started well with the coursework, but because I was very busy doing other things I have found it harder than expected. I have been teaching for nearly two years now, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am now in my second year in Korea. I have become a supervisor and I hope that with this course that I can gain the experience and qualifications necessary to get a new role at a university, maybe. Whilst I have been doing this course I have been learning different ways of teaching things. This course has helped tremendously with my goal of becoming a better teacher. It was very helpful to be able to put the methods, ideas, and activities from the ITTT units into practice right away. I have learned that teachers should always be self-reflective and looking for ways to improve themselves at all times. I learned about the different kinds of teachers and students there are. Through this course I have been able to examine myself and my students in a new way. I think that most of my friends back home probably have a pretty decent understanding of grammar in everyday use, but I think it can be very hard for them to explain it. This was the same for me in my first year. It took a lot of time to get used to explaining how to use different grammar points. The ITTT course gave me new ideas and techniques that I will use in my classes to explain grammar lessons easier. I believe that I have improved my ability to teach grammar to all of my students. I think that the most important thing that I have learned from the ITTT course is lesson planning. I do already make contents for my classes. However, now I feel that I can follow a more specific process of teaching and ensure that the students learn appropriately. Learning the ESA approach to teaching has been a great aid for my teaching. And, by learning how to plan better I feel that my lessons are much more fluent and more enjoyable for myself and the students. Overall, I definitely feel more confident in the classroom because of this course and I hope that it will allow me to control my classes in the future.