Teach English in Baizi Zhen - Chongqing

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I have personally gained a lot from this course. Some of the basic grammar and other things I needed to brush up on. For the most part I think that this course was helpful to me in giving me an idea of how to structure a class, and giving ideas for activities in classes. The course taught me a lot about what to expect, and gave a variety of situations to anticipate and how to go about handling them. One of the most important sections for me was unit 18, I had not been familiar with the terminology or the specific usages of modals. I had obviously been using them for some time but to actually see the structure and learn how to teach it will be a distinct advantage when I have to teach it. Also, I found the section on the phonemic alphabet helpful. I had seen some of it used before, but never had I put it into practice. I had to look to the legend. It took me some time to do the short exercise at the end of the lesson but by the end I was able to move quickly through it. I think that will be nice to know if some of my students are familiar with it, it will save me some embarrassment. Overall the overviews of the tenses were another important part, perhaps the most important. The names and structures I had not been over since grade school. I think that this will be an advantage in teaching. All of the lesson planning was also very helpful, I had never made a lesson plan and it really had not occurred to me prior to the course.(although it should have been obvious!) I believe that this course has eliminated many, many headaches I would have had as a beginner teacher of english.