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English as a global languageEnglish is fast becoming a universal language for different kinds of people to communicate with one another. Due to many factors such as tourism, English based movies and music, international business ventures and the internet to name a few. According to the latest poll by the CIA World Factbook (based on information gathered from around the world) English is the third most popular language (312-380 million) in the world only behind Spanish (325 million) and Mandarin chinese (882 million). In today?s modern climate it seems more and more people are coming together through the help of technology and to me that?s a good step in making English more of a global language than it already is now. Due to technological advances made in the past decade, such as more and more people learning and using the internet in their every day lives. Information is now spread through news media, social networking sites, global businesses etc. This has all started to make English a preferred way of communicating for a lot of modern people. Websites like CNN now host an international webpage called International ( that broadcasts news around the world in only English. Innovated sites like this continue to bring English to all cultures and people worldwide 24/7. Many decades ago, tourism by people from english speaking countries was not as abundant as it is today. Now tourists from developed countries have more opportunity to make trips to locations all over the world. Due to the affordability of international travel many families, business people, etc. can see places they always wanted to see with ease. Now what language do you think is used to communicate between foreigners and locals? The answer for the most part is English. This need to communicate makes for local workers in these tourist hotspots and or business people to need to understand and speak English to make their businesses successful. From my own personal experiences it seems that the signs in most counties always have a translation for the convenience of English users which is a major plus when traveling around the world. Global brands such as Coca Cola, McDonald?s, and Microsoft all have roots as starting out in America (an English speaking country). All are included in the top 10 for ?Best Global Brands? for the year 2010 according to ( Companies like these spread the use of English and promote catch phrases (ex. McDonald?s - I?m loving it) that would soon be translated into to their native language but got its start in English. These brands help to promote use of the English language to all walks of life as well as make money. The dominance of American movies and music is now world renowned. Other english speaking countries such as Britain and Australia contribute to this but not on the scale that American culture influences the world to learn English. This form of entertainment media has been around for decades and has influenced people from all cultures to understand what they are watching or listening to. This will only expand appreciation for the English language as more will want to be apart of the world wide English speaking community. In conclusion, at the current rate of technology evolving and people being influenced in their every day lives by the English language, English will soon become the number one spoken language. The international community everyday now sees the importance of communication through English as a global language. With this constant needing to know how to communicate in English, the future will be bright for teachers of English.