Teach English in Baishi XiAng - Chongqing

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This course has benefited me in several ways, the foremost of which has been that it has allowed me to refresh my command of the english language. As a university graduate with a first class degree, I hadn't considered the possibility that my grasp on the english language, at a grammatical level, had become so tenuous. Having not studied english grammar since my school days, over 20 years ago, I was surprised how much I had forgotten. The nuances of the language that I take for granted on a daily basis, became very challenging when forced to sit down and forced to tackle them head on. The lesson planning aspect of this course has been invaluable. By continually challenging me to plan lessons in advance, I have learned the benefits, and indeed the necessity, of thoroughly planning every lesson. The units that have involved planning have provided me with the essential methodology to produce constructive and balanced lesson that I feel will be of genuine use to my prospective students. Attention has also been drawn to the efficient use of time during lessons which is an aspect that, in my experience, many teachers have yet to master. The importance of student motivation and methods available to achieve it have also been made clear to me. In order to be an effective teacher, I have learned that I must pay full attention to this area. I intent to make full use of the tools provided to me by this course by ensuring that my lessons are properly planned and appropriate for the students whom I teach. I intend to make sure that the topics I teach are presented clearly and methodically in a vibrant and constructive manner. Above all, I hope to ensure that, in my classroom, all my students find the motivation that they need to be successful and that they enjoy the learning experience.