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Discipline in the ClassroomRegardless of a teacher doing everything to the best of their ability, discipline within the classroom is still likely to be an issue. Specifically when dealing with children. One way to assert control of the classroom is for a teacher to make sure that they have everyone?s attention before the lesson begins. If students are given the impression it?s okay to talk while the teacher is giving instructions initially, it will be harder to gain respect later down the long. The volume of a teachers voice can also have a large effect on students focus. A quiet voice may oftentimes actually be beneficial. Moreover, yelling is not effective. Monitoring the classroom is also very important as opposed to a teacher sitting at his/her desk while the class does work. This will ensure that students are on their toes and also to give students who need extra help attention as well as showing the class that the teacher is involved and interested in their learning. A teacher should always be respectful of all students and maintain fairness regardless of anything. I still have a personal vendetta against my second grade teacher who chose one girl to be her favorite student. Also as a nanny I know how sensitive children can be to fairness. When one child is unfairly given an object or attention than another is can be extremely damaging to a child. Along similar lines, I think it?s important for teachers to be a model for their students. If a teacher is fair, on time, organized, patient, and passionate about the subject they?re teaching than it?s far more likely students will follow the same path. Especially with younger children who seek approval of their teacher this aspect could be particularly important. Environment of a classroom can also very much have an effect on students discipline. If a classroom has little personality and is dull in respect, students may feel oppressed by their environment. By using colors, visual posters, etc. a teacher can create an environment where students want to spend time. Even if a teacher doesn?t consider him or herself to be a disciplinary individual, it?s essential in the classroom to be patient, and nurturing, but also assertive in terms of discipline. I would argue this is far more important at the beginning of a course than anytime during the duration. I argue this because it?s easier to become more lax in discipline than it is to become more assertive gradually. students aren?t as likely to respond if they have walked over a teacher in the past. Additionally, I don?t think this course mentioned ?positive discipline? specifically but I?ve found it?s incredibly powerful. As opposed to listing things that students cannot do, it?s often more effective for a teacher to describe the types of behavior they do want. For example, ?No yelling? could be phrased with ?Quiet voices are used in the classroom?. Last, as I?m sure is evident, much of disciplining a class has to do with how a teacher handles behavior that are not behavioral issues. Meaning, if a teacher sees good behavior, than that behavior should be praised. That way, good behavior is reinforced. Also, class room management is a continual process and not something that merely arises when there is an issue.