Teach English in Bailu Zhen - Chongqing

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Through the duration of this course I now feel incredibly relaxed with confidence about taking on a teaching role for teaching english as a foreign language. My passion is to teach young children and I feel that I know all I possibly can about teaching them every aspect of learning english. From speaking, writing, reading and listening ? and make it fun and enjoyable to ensure full attention. I have an in depth understanding of the three crucial stages of each lesson and how that contributes to the learning experience and effectiveness ? engage, study and activate. I have learned how to adapt myself in terms of teaching style and how that can affect the learning to students, as opposed to my knowledge of the material and lesson design. I have learned that the needs of the students are more important than the demands of the course, in terms of material covered, when and how ? the needs of the students as a group and individually should help guide this, not only the course book. One huge area that I have perfected through these last 20 units is my own english. I have always known it to be a very complex language to the foreign eye, but for a fairly well educated person to still learn about her own language really highlights this point, and therefore even more so on the teaching of it.