Teach English in BAchuAn Jiedao - Chongqing

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What I have gained from this course is a sensitivity to the needs of students. I have no experience teaching anything, let alone a language. This course provided me with invaluable tips on how to approach someone who is trying to learn something. How do people retain information? How does one hold the attention and interest of their students? These are very difficult questions and TEFL provided me with a very solid foundation. I learned the importance of planning lessons. I learn the importance of engaging students, and getting them to speak as often as possible in every stage of the lesson. I learned how to approach the differences between young learners and adult learners. Young learners require a more varied and fun lesson. They will generally pick it up quickly but they need to be motivated in different ways. I learned the basic rules of english grammar. These are things I have learned previously but have never had to review. I now have a solid foundation for english grammar, and will feel much more confident when I approach this in my english courses in the future. In my course I plan to engage students using authentic material that they find compelling. I found this to be a fantastic suggestion. I also plan to vary lessons depending on how interesting the material ends up being for the class. For instance, if we are playing a game that is not holding the attention of the students I will try a different game. I will certainly use the equipment I am provided with to the height of its utility in the classroom. Hopefully this will include some sort of CD or cassette player from which I can plan listening exercises. I will also use an OHP, if available, for showing internet videos and language exercises. I will certainly try out different types of lesson plans including ESA, patchwork, and boomerang, to see which one proves to be most effective under any given set of circumstances. I will retain my worksheets and units for future reference and for better preparing myself for each lecture I teach.