Teach English in Bozhoushi Jingji Jishu KAifAqu - Bozhou Shi

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As I have formally studied at least 4 foreign languages (and speak even more), verb tenses and conjugations have been drilled into me and I am very familiar with them. What was interesting about this chapter was learning WHEN the different verb tenses are used (predictions, plans, etc.). Although it is easy to infer when the verb tenses would be used, it is interesting to actually learn what the standard explanations are.this unit has helped me a great deal to understand the different parts of speech which is very important in helping the students utilise their vocabulary to build good sentence structures thereby,developing a better spoken english skill.it has also helped to better equip me as a good model because i may be the the model they look up to for good sentence structures and these comes with knowing the different parts of speech.