Teach English in Hubin Shequ Xingzheng Shiwu Guanli Zhongxin - Bengbu Shi

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I found these videos very interesting. The first one was very frustrating as I could not understand the teachers accent and so I totally sympathized with the students inability to figure out what was going on. The second one was so much better and I understood the lesson and the teacher. This was an excellent reminder to watch my own voice and the speed that I speak when teaching, especially when introducing new topics and concepts.This unit covered the different ways I can use the ESA structure to teach the students how to properly use, remember, speak and write different English vocabulary words. In addition to learning different vocabulary words, this unit covered the grammatical usage as well. This unit taught me different ways I can engage the learner and also different activities I can do/use to keep the student interested while learning at their own pace.