Teach English in Huaihe Shequ Xingzheng Shiwu Guanli Zhongxin - Bengbu Shi

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This section was more about how to manage a class. It was about how you can handle the different activities and address behavioral issues in a class. There were many ways of how to establish rapport in a class. But I learnt that the major drive to manage the class was the teachers general attitude towards the lesson. When the teacher is well prepared and confident with what is to be taught, then the teacher can better manage the class.I am finding that I am still getting the hang of the tenses in these units, but am also enjoying the learning process. The challenges I am facing with the tenses are to do with memory retention and remembering all the small differences there are between each of them. I am learning first hand how difficult learning these aspects of a language can be, and this will be a very useful experience when it comes to teaching tenses to students.