Teach English in Huaibin Jiedao - Bengbu Shi

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From this unit I have reviewed what is conditionals and reported speech. There are five main conditionals, they are: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mix conditional. When we report the sentence, we need to have noticed that verb tenses, pronouns and time expressions. For example, 'today' become 'the day before' or 'the previous day', 'tomorrow' becomes 'the next day' or 'the day after' etc.I feel like the3 types of phrases verbs really weren't explained well. I don't really understand it still and feel quite confused! Everything else was clear. I liked the detailed chart and found that easy to go to and figure out. I am finding throughout the course that even I having English as a first language am struggling to learn these things, So how much more will my students. So I will need to be very patient because it isn't easy.