Teach English in Diaoyutai Jiedao - Bengbu Shi

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Tense is the main part of a right sentense, so it's important for student to figure out which tense should be used in a condition as well as for teachers. We should have good knowledge of it and then we have the ability to be aware of relavant mistakes and so that to correct it. Teaching tense is also critical. We should distinguish all the tewlve tenses at first then we can have the basic awareness to learn how to teach it with skills.Having the right tools is important, it is more important however, to have the knowledge of how to properly use the tools for the purpose it is provided. When teaching English, there are many tools and aids we can use to help the students achieve their language goals. The use of specific tools will depend mostly on the school we are working for and it will be in our best interest to train ourselves on the specific technology being used.