Teach English in Chenji Zhen - Bengbu Shi

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The first lesson is a perfect example of how not to teach. WHat a horrible presentation! The teacher looks unhappy the entire ime and the students fells uneasy. The teacher didn't explain the objective of the lesson and it was very confusing for the students to understnd, they didn't know the gramma term the teacher was using but because the teache kept saying \"this is so easy\" they felt embarrassed. The second lesson was really nice.I saw two videos about teacher teaching the same lesson to the same students. The second lesson was more effective because the teacher was engaging, smiling, introduced himself, asked each student their name, was humoring, creative, he mimed what he wanted, made them repeat for the pronunciation,tested everybody, in fact he made the lesson entertaining, interesting, using drawings, and praised them when he was satisfied with the answer.