Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen - Bengbu Shi

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The two videos show two different ways of teaching the same lesson, one and the other a complete failure. In the first video the teacher has a very bad attitude, never smiles, is impatient and doesn't seem to care about his learners. As a result the students seem frustrated and confused. On the contrary, the second video shows what good teaching is all about. In this video the students participate actively and the lesson is a success.I found this past tense unit quite a bit easier than the present tense unit, with the video having a comprehensive summary of each of the four tenses. Having an example sentence followed by its distinction proved to be very helpful. The area that I particularly struggled with was the example for Past Continuous: \"When I arrived, John was cooking\" - taking the word \"was\" to mean \"still in progress\" as opposed to a completed action.