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Discipline in the classroomDiscipline in the classroom is a big factor in most schools. The disciplinary codes are different each school, for instance when I was in high school the rules were fairly strict and the penalties were quite harsh but they kept everyone in line (well most people). The school that I work for now San Bonifacio Collage in colombia their motto when it comes to discipline is ?Discipline with Love?, I find this quite odd as the students can be spoilt as their parents are either doctors, scientists or work for the government. And because they know their parents have money they think they can do whatever they want. Us being the teachers have to follow by the disciplinary act. I think if you want good discipline in the classroom you must show you?re not here to be silly from the start, also keeping in mind you don?t want the students to hate you as that will give them more incentive to muck around and not take the class seriously. So lying down ground rules from during your first class together and making sure you all know what you expect from each other is the best way to handle this. Giving the student a right to talk for instance I would tell them what is going to happen and how and then I would give them a chance to say what they would like from me as a teacher. Obviously there will be some funny students in the class but as above if we can both come to an understanding in the classroom then everything should go quite harmoniously. After we have all come to an understanding we will write or type these rules up and have them posted around the classroom. Keeping the rules to a minimum is also handy as to many rules can get quite hard to enforce them all so sticking with between six to eight rules should be sufficient enough. When posting them around the classroom they should be visible to everyone but don?t have too many at the same time. Maintain obedience in the class can be difficult as the students somehow work out which teachers they can and cannot fool around with. This comes with the inconsistency of the rules being enforced in the class and the students not being disciplined in the correct manner. Where I am working at the moment the teacher in which I work with can be very soft at times and the students know this so they walk all over him. I have had to step up a few times and tell the class to be quiet but I give them a clear statement that if they do not be quiet then they will have one mark or grade taken off their end result. This usually works as they know I have failed them before. Keeping in contact with the parents of the students is also a key factor in maintaining discipline in the classroom. Most parents will obey the rules of the school but again obviously there will be some who will not. Having more frequent parent teacher interviews I think is a must. When it comes to the adult learners of course you cannot go to their parents but sitting them down and talking one on one is a very effective way to get through and so you don?t embarrass them in the class for which they could resent you for. So over all you should set your own disciplinary rules in your class as well as keeping to the school rules and make sure everyone has a very clear understanding of what is expected in YOUR classroom.