Teach English in XiaotAngshAn Zhen - Beijing

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Overall, I have gained so much. I honestly do not remember the grammar rules I have learned through this course. As a native english speaker, the rules come naturally to me. To actually see it written down and working through it has shown me how difficult the english language really is. I remember going through some of the exercises and thinking ?What! Really?? I have also gone out and bought a vocabulary and spelling book and will buy a grammar book next. It is important for me to have these because it will help me think of different ways of teaching a lesson. I have discovered a new found appreciation for teaching pronunciation as well as repetition. I also understand what my spanish and ASL (american Sign Language) teachers were getting at at having us speak or sign in that language only. I will be printing this material and keeping it in a binder as a reference. In addition I have a lot of respect to those learning english as a foreign language.