Teach English in ShuguAng Jiedao - Beijing

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I?ve had a humbling review of english grammar that has helped me realize that the job will be no piece of cake, even though I?m an educated native speaker. I will need to find ways to help them pick up the grammatical piece conversationally without making the course ?grammatical?. It?s going to be work to teach english artfully.A lot of the general routine aspects of teaching were not new, as I?ve been teaching high school spanish for 25 years; but it?s always useful to read the list of what one should be doing to rEFLect on what practices have gotten stale or neglected over the years and need to be renewed.Mainly, it?s helped me get a grasp of the many things I will need to keep track of as I set up shop as a TEFL teacher.My wife and I have the goal of teaching english in guatemala after the next academic year in the united states is over ? either with an existing institution, or start a business on our own. Until then, we are working one on one with an immigrant from Burundi who is at the beginners level, but has a basic literacy in Swahili. These lessons have helped me frame the design of our weekly lesson with her.