Teach English in ShuAngjing Jiedao - Beijing

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I have gained the knowledge of the tools teachers use, the problems they face or can expect, and a surprise in the fact that there are far more tenses in the english language than I realized! Some of what has been taught is virtually common sense, but areas of difficulty, what you can or can?t expect, have been hugely eye opening. I think before, I took teaching for granted. Looking back on my schooling and whom I considered a good teacher, then learning the skills that could lead to me being looked upon in a similar way, has been a experience I would not have imagined. The course has taught me that teaching is more than simply a job, it is a vocation. To be a good teacher you must possess or learn many more skills than the average career, and many more than a gave the profession credit for. The course has been enlightening and informative with new areas previously unbeknown to me, whilst offering confirmation and direction in areas I felt more comfortable with. The course has given me the building blocks to be more confident in my attempts to forge a career abroad TEFL. As for putting into action what I have studied and hopefully absorbed, that?s exactly what I?m doing, hence the delay in completing the course. I have been TEFL since December last year in china. However I do still find myself going back to my course notes every so often for confirmation and guidance. Undertaking the course gave me the confidence to attempt TEFL even without completing it at the time. So, so far so good!