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Bonnie Role of the Teacher The teacher performs several roles which are all very important to the smooth running of the class. The role of the teacher is that of a facilitator of learning: leading discussions, asking open-ended questions, observing and monitoring, guiding process and task, and enabling active participation of learners and engagement with ideas. A teacher also acts as a Manager or Controller ? taking charge of the class in a way that is quite different from an activity where the students are working on their own. The teacher facilitates the learning by encouraging, prompting, interacting, and probing with good questioning techniques. The main responsibility of the teacher is assessors who continually reassesses development and change during the course and creates a seamless transition to ensure smooth delivery. As students develop better understanding of aims and objectives, their needs change and this must be reflected in continual reassessment. It is the teachers? responsibility to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of their delivery by taking into account learners changing needs. Course structure and its coherent delivery are responsibilities which require adaptation and flexibility to reflect newly identified needs. The other responsibility of the classroom teacher is to create a positive and disciplined learning environment: ? in the classroom ? in co-curricular activities ? in interacting informally with students In this way, each student is challenged to grow in knowledge and maturity, according to their potential and in all aspects of their life. Classroom management is perhaps the least significant role of the teacher but it is the role that allows teachers to teach. However, effective planning for classroom control begins with an analysis of the individual students that compose the group to be taught. Thus an initial get to know you session at the beginning of the lesson is always helpful. A teacher must ensure that he/she has the right seating arrangement in the class. Seating arrangements will depend on the type of lesson being taught, and the type of classroom furniture. Each teacher needs to establish who sits where. Not only does this avoid an undignified scramble to sit nearest to or further from a particular child, the possession of a seating plan helps the teacher to learn names more rapidly and also visibility of the teacher helps students pay attention and participate. It also helps the teacher to be in control of the class. Apart from delivering to a class, a teacher would also need to offer support on a one to one basis for those that may require additional support, thus working as a tutor. With this role care needs to be taken to ensure that equal attention is being given to all students. Teachers need to be flexible in catering for the learning needs for everyone and to have a balanced and non biased opinion, but still ensuring that they are the ones leading the class to maintain order. Another role of the teacher is to establish routine or be an organizer from the onset, this is what makes teachers successful and allow teachers the chance to teach. The quicker the routine is established, the quicker the teacher can do the task they most enjoy- teaching. To perform the above roles effectively, a teacher will need to be: ? enthusiastic ? well organised ? has a feeling for the subject ? can conceptualise the topic ? has empathy with the learners ? understands how people learn ? has good time management ? has skills in teaching and managing learning ? is alert to context and ?classroom? events ? is teaching with their preferred teaching style ? has a wide range of skills including ?questioning, listening, reinforcing, reacting, summarising and leadership?. In conclusion, I strongly believe that teachers need to show respect, care, become role models, make a pleasant environment, treat student?s right, instruct them but not be totalitarians, and guide them through the road of success.