Teach English in MafAng Diqu - Beijing

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Learning GrammarI picked this topic for several reasons. I have been a student more than several times. The most challenging part of being student of language for me was grammar. I learned Spanish from ground zero---no knowledge. My strong points were learning new words but when it came to grammatical structures I struggled. I was fortunate to have teachers that worked with me so I could build a strong foundation of Spanish grammar. I worked many hours outside the classroom on perfecting my grammar. In the end, I was happy, because I had mastered a language and it was due to my teachers? persistence. I wanted to be a business teacher, but when I was hired the only position available was for a language teacher for intermediate level students. I found these classes really hard for me to teach. I had not studied basic English grammar for years. Eventually, a position opened for a business teacher. I also found that teaching business English also requires the teacher to have knowledge of English grammar. I bought additional books and studied them and worked extra hard to make sure I was giving the students what they needed. I found that in my evaluations I was good as a teacher but lacking in my expertise of grammar. In Business English, I have to teach more formal English but still follow the basic grammatical English structures. In order to do this I need basic grammatical skills myself. I feel more confident after finishing this course about my expertise in grammar. I feel that I can go above teaching a mid level class of students now I have reviewed these rules. Before this course I found it very hard to teach the lower levels as they were the ones that needed the most work with grammar. I live in a city, where Spanish is the dominating language. I do spend most of my days speaking Spanish, and translating back and forth. I feel even from living here what disappoints me the most is the lack of grammar the people have here. Many of them have learned English as a second language and never had formal schooling. Some of these people, I have to work with in a business environment and find it very hard to work with these people simply due to their lack of knowledge of the English language and the grammar. I feel that some of these people could never work outside of Miami. In conclusion, I am prepared to get a job in English or Business English. I feel more confident about my own knowledge and skills. I feel with time I will gain more confidence in my teaching and not have to reference check myself. This is the same way, I learned Spanish. I kept practicing speaking Spanish and writing and now it is one of my languages. I feel that I will be more competent as a teacher because now I have a foundation to fall back on.