Teach English in Lugu Jiedao - Beijing

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Course Experience Out of all of the different articles to expound on, I think it would beneficial for me to explain my experience with this TEFL Training Course. After studying and travelling throughout India, I realized that I wanted to move there and would need a source of income. My Indian friends suggested getting a job teaching English, as it is legal for a foreigner to obtain employment in India only if it is a job that an Indian is not capable of doing. I thought this was a great idea since I am already familiar with teaching and know of the great joy I feel when teaching, so I started researching teaching ESL as soon as I got home. It wasn't long before I learned of the benefits of having TEFL training and having the proper certificates. Due to some random stroke of luck, I got offered a job in china before I even signed up for the course, and am now moving to Beijing in 20 days to begin my ESL teaching career. I had a few doubts about the online courses since they don't provide the chance to actually practice teaching and because I read that some employers don?t even believe online certifications to be credible. But, given the amount of time I had to obtain a certificate and the fact that I already have teaching experience, I decided to register for an online course. After receiving my first Units, I quickly realized how credible and thorough this course is. I found myself genuinely interested in the materials, thankful for the information I was privy to, and motivated to complete the worksheets. My first tutor was helpful and prompt, which was much appreciated since I was working with a limited amount of time. The materials in the course helped me gain a deeper and more solid understanding of English grammar and gave me invaluable insight on how to teach language to any age or level of ability. It was never too challenging and never too easy. Since my first tutor went on vacation and knew I needed to complete the course by a certain date, he set me up with a second tutor who was equally as thorough and not only pointed out my mistakes but sent me additional materials to help me to better understand the concepts. The tutor feedback is what made me feel as though I was an actual student taking an actual course. Now, with the knowledge I?ve gained from this course, I feel confident in beginning my ESL teaching career in china, and eventually moving to India to continue teaching. It is hard for me to believe that people actually teach English classes with no specific teacher training and I am glad to not be in that situation, thanks to this course. Throughout life, I have learned not to have expectations, so I started the course without any expectations. Now that I have completed the course, I can confidently say that it is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in teaching english abroad. I will be printing out the Units and using them as references. I have no complaints whatsoever about the course and am so thankful for this online alternative.