Teach English in Jingsong Jiedao - Beijing

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As the english language has become the mother tongue in the philippines, slowly I?ve finally regained my knowledge on this matter. It felt like I was back in high school with all the grammar units, which was really fun to do and gave me great satisfaction. Somehow, this course got me back on track on what I used to love, which is analyzing every grammar style and just speaking and writing in english again. I am moved by this course and ready to explore what teaching english to students has to offer me. I am ready for this new journey and chapter of my life. I can?t wait to teach english to my colleagues who are so poor when in comes to english grammar. My employer would appreciate it too if I could start teaching them especially that it?s becoming a necessity when working or when one would want to work for a governmental body. Next to that, I?ve gained a lot of knowledge of various teaching skills which can be applied to all areas of expertise and all walks of life including the things that need to be taken into consideration when teaching different levels. For example, the pronunciation skills, it has opened my eyes and given me more clarification why children have difficulties with pronunciation of words / word phrases. Thanks to this course, I am able to teach my daughter also the articulation of the letter ?k? as she has been struggling with the proper pronunciation of the letter ?k?. Phonemic alphabet has also been brought to my awareness. The pleasure of preparing / making lesson plans and processing my creativity in it is just indescribable and the invaluable varieties of activities to make teaching fun and dynamic. The fun I had, brushing up my grammar and keeping my focus on it. The only downfall I?ve encountered is that slowly it is becoming a habit checking my friends? grammar. Overall view, the course was well structured and has covered all the basic areas especially on grammar. I just to bring the best into teaching practice what I?ve learned online.