Teach English in Heyi Jiedao - Beijing

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I have gained a general understanding of the challenges that I will face as a TEFL teacher in a foreign country. I think that this course set up a picture of what my classroom can look like, both the positive and negative things involved in that picture. I have gained an understanding of what might be difficult for students from the potential conflict sections. I believe the overview of grammar and language construction was very helpful and I feel like I will put into practice all of the good activate teaching ideas for these components of language. The format of the ESA lesson plan has been ingrained in me through the numerous exercises that asked for sample lesson plans. This was very helpful and I will be sure to use this same lesson template when planning future lessons. I have also gained a sense of how to incorporate fun and games into learning. The need for balance of speaking, writing, reading, listening is also something that I am taking with me. I will endeavor to always set up not only student learning objectives, but also personal objectives for each lesson. I also plan to use these stated goals as reflection after lessons to see where and how I can improve my practice as I go along. I really love the way that the lesson plan contains a space to write out potential problems for student and teacher and a place to brainstorm solutions. This is perhaps the most effective thing I will put into practice.