Teach English in Datai Jiedao - Beijing

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First of all my special thanks to you, my tutor Mr. Peter, and to all the staff responsible for this course, it is great!!! It helped me a lot to learn new techniques, how to prepare a lesson plan, role-plays, games, and different activities the students will do to be able to learn english. It helped me reviewing all the grammar I learned since I was little, also to practice my writing skills, spelling and give me the tools with the new technology, like internet, to prepare better the lessons, get important information that could be useful for the class and the students. In the past learning english or any other language was kind of boring because the teachers just rely in text/course books, workbooks, and a few songs. But now with so many choices and thanks to this course in particular, shows how to take advantage, how to prepare a test, how to treat the students, everything. I was a teacher once, but not with all these new elements I just learned. My plans in the future will be to teach in kindergarten or low level grades like 1st, 2nd or 3rd, because I love to teach to small children; from my previous experience, they are easy to work with. The basic vocabulary is so fun to teach like colors, numbers, food, family, season, etc. so much to work with. Together with songs, games, and books. With all this new techniques I just learned, I will teach better and with my certificate or diploma from this course, I will proof I am able and qualify to teach. Thank you guys for everything!!!