Teach English in CuigezhuAng Diqu - Beijing

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Before I started this course, I thought that I was great at the english language and knew all there was to know about it. How wrong I was. This course showed me parts of the english language that I had not seen since grammar school. The past 5 years of college I was studying to be a historian, a major in which I write many papers. I would always do great on the content of the papers, but I would ALWAYS get marked down for my grammar. The grammar in my papers was so bad in fact that I never got higher than a B. I would see, check tense, spelling, usage, all of it, and I never thought to really look and see what I was doing wrong. This course has taught me english grammar to the point that I know that I would be able to write an A paper now. This course will benefit me when I go to graduate school. I know proper tense usage and all the parts of speech. The course also helped me figure out a better way to write lesson plans. The ESA method is something that I will use as long as I teach. I have written lesson plans in the past, and none were as good as the ones that I have written in this course. I am so excited to use what I have learned in the course and put it to use in a classroom. For the last few months that I have been taking this course, all I could think about was grammar. At times I have been talking to someone and will think in my head, ?Wow, their grammar is really good?.