Teach English in BeizAngcun Zhen - Beijing

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The most important aspect of the course for me was learning about grammar structure. I?ve only really skirted around it before, and have even actively avoided it. I have learned a lot about the structure of english grammar and that will allow me to create more balanced classes in the future. I?ve also learned quite a bit about lesson planning, teaching skills and structuring classes. Being a native speaker I guess I always felt I didn?t have much to learn about teaching english, but I admit I was wrong and I?ve learned a lot. For the time being my TEFL certificate will gain me extra respect at my school in korea (and also take me up a pay grade), and in the future I will have access to working in countries that insist upon a TEFL qualification, such as japan. Overall I think it enables me to work anywhere I want. I plan at some point to seek work in japan or thailand, after my current contract expires next spring. Overall I think the course was well structured and achieved what it sets out to do. I am pleased with the content and with my answers. I hope to get a distinction, as I feel I?ve put a lot of work into the course. If I were a new teacher the course would certainly give me the confidence to start teaching. As it is I have a few years experience but I still learned a lot from the course and thank my tutor James for his input.