Teach English in Beixinqiao Jiedao - Beijing

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I have certainly learnt a lot from the course on how to use english, and some grammar points have been explained which I thought I knew, because I took it for granted, but didn?t really know at all! I have not found the course easy, but in a funny way have enjoyed it. I taught in the Police as a firearms instructor for many years and we worked on he old adage, tell them what your going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you?ve told hem!! So the ESA method was a little strange, but it is going to be an interesting method to use. Teaching anything in my opinion is all about knowledge, and I realize that I have a long way to go before being totally confident in front of the class, but this has certainly given me a good grounding. I am going to use the course to teach english here in spain, my wife and I have been teaching spasmodically here for 5 years, but I wanted to get a formal qualification, to firstly improve my knowledge, and more importantly, give the students the confidence that at least they are being taught by someone who has a qualification. The tutoring has been a big help to me knowing if I am ?on the right track?, so a big thank you to my tutor Jon.