Teach English in Beijing Shi - Beijing

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Course ExperienceEven when I was still in school, I?ve always loved my English subject. One of the many reasons was that I find it very easy. And when I see someone speaking English fluently, I can?t help but be amazed. That?s why; I?ve always wanted to learn everything about English. English is a Universal language therefore it must be learned and spoken universally especially during travel days. When I found out about tesol through my friend, I thought it was just a silly joke, until I browsed through the internet and found lots of information about this. I thought to myself, what can it do to me? How can this help me? That?s when I decided to enroll. At first, I was so hesitant to try because I might not be able to learn a lot since it was just online. But as soon as I received my first unit, I was so excited, really, really excited. I felt the urge for learning and studying again. While I was reading the first Unit, I thought it?s just the same as what I have learned in school. But later on, there were lots of information that were being presented to me. So I needed to take down notes and digest them all. I also thought at some point that I might get tired and lazy to do it because of my stressful work. But when I was studying this course, it was not as stressful as I thought it would be, I was really enjoying it. I?ve learned the roles of being a teacher. It was really because when I was a child, I didn?t want to become a teacher but here, I was studying teacher?s role. I thought I have learned a lot about their roles but there were more to it than just teaching. I was so excited to learn about tenses of verbs and being able to answer worksheets for this lesson. And that?s what I like about English, I?m able to put into words and apply my learning to real world. It?s not only about memorizing lines and definitions but also being able to make use of them. I?ve learned so much while studying this course. I thought modal verbs are somehow the same, but I found out that they have different usages. I was really exhilarated when I was answering the worksheet. I was even practicing myself how to say it correctly. I?ve really gained lots of knowledge while learning about them. The phonology, too, was so useful and fun. This has helped me work on my pronunciation correctly. When I learned about the different teaching techniques, I was really information overloaded in a good way. I?ve learned fun ways of making the class very fun. It has really made me very creative to think of activities that will really make the class efficient. The lesson planning was really my personal favorite. I was really encouraged to make lesson planning effective. Although at first, I was really confused but later on I was getting used to it. This whole experience was really outstanding. I have gained so much knowledge about English language, speaking, writing, listening, and grammar and so on. It has been very helpful to me especially in my job where I get to teach some korean students. I get to teach them the correct ways of speaking English. I can reach out to them and I can make use of what I have learned for the past 6 months. I thought I would be lost teaching these students, but with the help of this course, I gained enough confidence to teach and speak. This part of my life has been very meaningful because it has shaped me to become confident to communicate with others of diverse cultures. It will be very useful in my future teaching career in different places where English has been an important language.