Teach English in BaoshAn Zhen - Beijing

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This course has been very enlightening for me. I have learned especially how difficult the english language can be. I realize that learning english in a short amount of time can be even more difficult. I think back to my elementary education and how I progressively learned the english grammar over years and years of schooling and immersion. I have gained a greater appreciation for my knowledge of the english language. I recognize how challenging and frustrating it can be at times and commend all english learners for their effort. I have already begun to express my admiration to those english learners that I work with and assist them in their studies as much as I can. As I continue to learn more and more about different cultures and languages, I will understand the difficulty in learning a new language and not give up, knowing I can succeed. One day, when the time is right, I will use this knowledge to formally teach students who want to learn to speak and write english. I will be able to more fully express and share in the frustrations of the english language as I found many things to not make sense to me! Knowledge gained through this course push me to want to learn other languages myself. I would like to teach english one day and look forward to sharing my knowledge with students of all backgrounds.