Teach English in Běijing Miyun Jingji KAifAqu KAifAqu [Beijing Miyun Economic Development Zone] - Beijing

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This has been an excellent course and we would recommend it to anyone who is interested in teaching TEFL or just want to brush up on their grammar skills! There was so much great information in the course it?s hard to talk about what was most beneficial. Grammar practice would probably be the highlight of this course. Grammar tends to scare people, especially when we have to ?explain? how grammar works and remember all of the technical terms. This was a great refresher course that reminded us of many things forgotten from years being out of school and also brought to light some new grammar points we didn?t remember getting into during school! Another highlight was all of the resources and links given for teaching ideas and games and such. All of the teaching materials from this course will definitely be used as a point of reference while teaching EFL. It will be very helpful to refer back to the reading materials for ideas, suggestions, or assistance in explaining grammar points in the future.