Teach English in Andingmen Jiedao - Beijing

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One of the most important things I learned is how to work with students who less motivated or more reluctant to participate. There is usually a reason for this behavior, whether it is because of intimidation or confidence, as teachers we need to offer a safe environment for these students to practice. Having students work in pairs before presenting to the class is a great way to make students feel more confident in their practice. Also, it is very important to be sensitive, patient, encourage, and praise the students. The lesson plan worksheet is an ESSENTIAL part of this course. I feel I can take that and apply it to every lesson I plan. I can see myself using the Boomerang lesson plan the most: ?Engage, Activate, Study, Activate 2?.The tips for each phase is INCREDIABLY helpful. Engage: Discussion, videos, pictures, Ispy, etc. Study: Spelling, explanations, pronunciation, etc. Activate: Role-play, games, story building, etc. I will ALWAYS have a lesson plan, but I will always try to remain flexible because unforeseen things may happen so I need to be able to adjust quickly. I will always try to be organized, make sure all of my equipment is working and videos are cued to where they?re supposed to be. I will always try to add in some kind of activity to make the class more entertaining, allow students to interact with each other. I think the students would appreciate being addressed by their first name so learning students? names and allowing extra one on one time is very important to our relationship. This course reaffirms the importance of making eye contact with students, as well as speaking loudly and clearly. Once a teacher loses that, the students will lose interest and focus. As I mentioned before, partner work is very important, and group work is just as important. It may get loud and the students may get distracted and off topic, but that?s where it is important to monitor them. Especially when doing pair or group work, it is important to make sure the directions and expectations are clear. Use simple language, speak slowly, and always check to see if students understand instructions. I feel I learned a lot of new things, as well as had some ideas reinforced. Thank you for all your help Jon!