Teach English in Zhongjie Jiedao - Beihai Shi

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A good classroom is made up of both a good teacher and good learners. The teacher must be kind, engaging, knowledgeable, encouraging, and able to switch roles to best suit the needs of the class at any point in time. The learners must be interested and motivated, willing to try out their English, even it it means making a mistake. Teachers should worry less about how they are going to present the material to the class from the front, and more about how to engage the students as participants. Learners come in all varieties. Younger learners are more energetic with shorter attention spans. Adult learners are more experienced but have a harder time correcting long-running mistakes. Learners at a lower English proficiency level should not be treated or taught in the same way as upper-intermediate or advanced learners. Everyone comes with their own motivating factors, nerves, and previous experiences. A good teacher takes these things into consideration when preparing material and planning activities. The greatest thing I learned is about the need for the teacher to switch roles. A class where the teacher only speaks in front as manager is a very boring and not a very engaging class. There are a great many ways to engage the students, all of which must be taken into consideration and practiced at the appropriate times.