Teach English in Zhakou Zhen - Beihai Shi

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The two productive skills are speaking and writing. Writing is often the more neglected skill. Speaking and writing are both used to communicate and the reasons we communicate at all are mainly the following: - to say - to listen - when you are interested - to reach a certain aim An important task for a teacher is to create the need and desire of communication in the students. Speaking activities can be divided into accuracy and fluency activities. They are equally important and normally come into different stages of a lesson. For accuracy activities the language is controlled by the teacher and the content of the language is controlled by students for fluency activities. There are several points of dicouragement for students when performing speaking activities as there are techniques for encouraging interactions. All the examples provided in the unit are very helpful. These activities also fit very well into different stages of an ESA structured lesson. It's also important to provide feedback afterwards. Writing involves a lot of differences from speaking including spelling, handwriting, layout and punctuation. Games are a great instrument for language teaching. They can be competitive and co-operative. Games are popular with all categories of students and have a great number of applications in terms of skills development.